You’re a writer. You got the memo: PLATFORM MATTERS.

But so does your writing.

You can’t sacrifice creation time to connect with readers…but you can’t sell a book without them. How can you balance both effectively, especially when platform success feels like a constantly moving target?

With social media channels constantly changing and the inexplicable desires of “the algorithm,” trying hard to connect can feel like screaming into a void.

  • Which actions will build your engaged, committed audience, and which ones are a giant waste of time?
  • Do you want to prioritize building platform, but can’t do everything and don’t know where to start?
  • Have you invested way too much time creating posts you thought would shine, just to have them go nowhere?


Proven Strategies

We give you the tactics we use for ourselves and our private clients, so you can focus on execution (and writing!).

Clear Guidance

Actionable, doable exercises in your inbox Mondays and Fridays, to be completed on your schedule.

Build Your Audience

With simple to-dos you’ll learn to attract more readers, engage more deeply, and write better.


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When, Where, and How?

  • Twice weekly emails with actionable assignments begin February 1, 2022*
  • Each email includes one platform-building step. For example, how to find your “comp authors” online and begin attracting their audience to you, too. Or how to create a Twitter list to make sure you see and get seen by the accounts you care about.
  • We’ll cover Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, newsletters and email lists, websites and more. Beyond simply “how to engage,” you’ll also learn to use content creation to generate new writing, get published, and just plain write better.
  • Beyond social media, you’ll also get real-life platform-building tips: public speaking, becoming a quotable expert, and leveraging the groups you’re already part of. 

Bonus! January sign-ups get EARLY BIRD PRICING and immediate access to the BUILD YOUR LIST PACKAGE and the PUBLIC SELF INVENTORY.

The Build Your List Package: Growing an email list is an essential component of your engaged audience, but the struggle to develop an effective strategy and constant tech hurdles can make it feel like trying to win the lottery. Save your luck for that Powerball ticket. You’ll get list-building strategies that work, including: figuring out your freebie, tech tutorials for sign-up forms and workflows, how the heck to get people to sign up, AND MORE.

The Public Self Inventory: You don’t have to get naked on social media, literally or figuratively. This worksheet helps you make specific choices to establish your own (and your family’s) level of privacy, and lets you evaluate what you’re willing to share…before you make a single post.

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