I have a dream

That one day, writers in Africa, who live and work in Africa will be recognized all over the world. Their works will be reckoned with and celebrated. The everyday writers struggling to tell the African story will be acknowledged and approved by the world.

I have this dream….

Over the course of my journey as a writer, I have always been passionate about carrying other writers along. Through working with writers and authors, I have noticed some pain points; 

  • Writers need an avenue to share their works which is like their own place, not borrowed platforms like social media
  • Writers need ways by which they can earn from their works.

In my work with writers, I have been able to share ways by which this problem can be solved, but I want to do more. I want to reach more people, and together, hopefully, we find a way to help each other grow.

A while back, I asked on my Facebook profile if Nigerians read and if they read Nigerian authors, and I got some interesting answers. Please, refer to the post HERE.

This literally opened my subconscious to the fact that Nigerians will read Nigerian authors who they are sure of. Many people complained about the quality of work Nigerian authors release and how disappointed they usually are when they are done reading these works. They also mentioned that if they are sure they would get good quality for their money, they would definitely read a Nigerian writer.

That is the work we have cut out for us here.

We want to raise a crop of very good writers whose works can stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone in the world. We are tired of writers who are not ready to put in the work. We are tired of reading watered down works from our authors. We are tired and we want a change.

The Writers Bridge was birthed to act as a bridge between the writers and the readers who love them. We want to be able to connect these two together, help them forge powerful relationships and also assure these readers that they will always get great works to read here. We want our fans to keep believing in us and we would keep giving them those awesome works.

Therefore, if you are a writer looking for an avenue to share your quality works and an opportunity to earn from those works, this is the right home for you. We are glad to have you here. Come on into our circle.

Likewise, if you are an avid reader looking for great African stories to get lost in, then, this is also your home. We are promising you standard works. This is not your average platform where you have to sift the wheat from the sand. Here, we are all wheat and we promise you an excellent cuisine to feast on. Come on into our wonderful home.

The Writers Bridge will be launching in April. We want to make sure we have everything ready for you so when you come in, you just start enjoying the buffet. Right now, we are working tirelessly to birth this great vision.

How then do you know when we are ready to launch?

Please, subscribe to our newsletter. We will keep sharing our progress with you, asking for your opinion about some of our strategies and also letting you in on the interesting parts of the work. We’ll love for you to be invested in this as this initiative will work when you, the user, are actually in love with it. By keeping in touch with you, all these can be achieved.

Also, follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook Page; we will be sharing information via these avenues too. 

Don’t forget that this is a movement.

Our voices deserve to be heard and our stories deserve to be read. We are working together to raise a crop of writers who will produce outstanding works, writers who believe in their craft and who are confident in telling their stories. We want it to be known throughout the world that African writers deserve to be celebrated. We will also connect these great writers to readers who are passionately in love with them and their works.

This is a movement.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and also follow us on social media. 

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I’m so excited for this and for what we are going to be birthing together.

We are here to rule.

Your Writer Love,

Maggie Smart.